(Social Media) SMO Course in Jaipur


Summary of Social Media Marketing Course Module:

• SMO v/s SEO
• What is Social Media Marketing Process?
• Why is Social Media Optimization necessary?
• Difference between a profile & page
• Importance of having a Professional page
• Creating a company page
• How to increase social presence?
• What is Viral Marketing?
• How to create Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn ads?
• YouTube Video Optimization
• ROI on Social Media Marketing
• Advertisement on Youtube
• Ways to promote products on youtube
• Bid strategy in SMM

• Posts & Ad Formats
• Campaign Objectives & Ad
• Campaign Development
• Audience Insights
• Analysis
• Pixels
• Ads Manager & Ad Auctions
• Facebook Canvas
• How to bring conversion through Facebook ads?
• Increase Engagement
• Bring targeted traffic through SMM
• and much more. Will learn in website designing course